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We are developing innovative computerized Techniques for new processes, products and services.

  • Life Sciences
  • Multimedia
  • Data/Image/Web Mining
  • World Wide Web
  • Internet of Things

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Vita Prof. Petra Perner

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Petra Perner is the director of the Institute of Computer Vision and Applied Computer Sciences in Leipzig, Germany and since 2020 of FutureLab Artificial Intelligence_IBaI_II. Under her leadership the institute developed to one of the leading institutes in basic and applied research in computer vision, data mining, machine learning, case-based reasoning and image databases. more ...

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International Conference on Machine Learning and Data Mining MLDM'2020

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Industrial Conference on Data Mining ICDM'2020

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International Conference on Mass-Data-Analysis MDA 2020

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Keynote at Big Data and Data Mining 2018

Petra Perner, New Ways to present the Results of a Data Mining Process to an Expert

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Keynote at Telemedicine 2018

Petra Perner, The online Doctor * What is necessary to model the consultation in doctor`s room via Internet?

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Three International Journals on Machine Learning and Data Mining, Case-Based Reasoning, and Mass Data Analysis of Signals and Images. Books, Thesis Books, Proceeding Books and more...

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The next Data Mining Tutorial Day

July 19, 2020
New York, USA
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